Plain World Map

A plain world map is of course conciseness and style. This map can be of any color, choose a color for your interior or just your favorite shade. The map can be completely covered with paint or wood stain. If you choose a stain, the texture of wood will be saved, the map covered with paint is without the texture of the wood.

More than 60 color options and such stylish combinations can be found only here! You can see all the options by downloading the electronic catalog or in our color catalog.

See more ideas in our gallery.

Together with the map you will receive detailed instructions how to install it.

Map features

• Such a map is made of 6mm birch plywood, covered with wood stain with oil
• For such a map, you can order a gift box with an individual engraving.
• The map can be ordered without a substrate, on a fiberboard substrate (along the contour of the continents, it is not visible) or on a plexiglass substrate, the cost will increase
• If you want to add some islands or countries, contact us and we will gladly add it to your order. Some islands are omitted due to map scale.
• The map is laser-cut, sanded and hand-coated with a wood stain with oil and water-based paint, with no smell
• The color of the card may be slightly lighter or darker because it is made of natural wood.

Map types

• One-level map with state borders without country names
• One-level map with state borders and country names
• One-level map with state borders, names of countries and capitals
• One-level map without a substrate
• One-level world map on fiberboard backing
• One-level world map on a plexiglass substrate
• Multilevel map with country names (fiberboard backing)
• Multilevel map with the names of countries and capitals
• Multilevel map on a plexiglass substrate

Map type: one-level

Map type: multilevel

Backlight: without backlight

World/Russia/regions: world

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