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What kind of maps we create

Choose a map of your dream. Please contact us, if you need help.
Single-level world maps
Multilevel world maps
Maps of different countries and regions
World maps with backlight
Maps of any size and individual design
Woodpecker Décor is our family project for production of interior world maps and décor items made of wood.

We, Maksim and Olga, and our team will help you to choose a map of your dream, which can be a great gift for your family, friends or chief. Our workshop is 5 years old.

During this time, we managed to create over 100 color variations for maps of different countries and regions. Also, we have become innovators in making multilevel maps.

Why should you choose exactly WoodpeckerDecor maps?
  • Various color schemes
    During 5 years we created over 100 color variations,
    and you can choose
    any of them or create your own.
  • Different map sizes
    We have 8 different map sizes including World and Russia maps. Moreover, we can create a map by your design: from 30 cm to 500 сm.
  • Geolocation tags
    You can mark the place on your map where you have been already or where you are planning to travel.
  • From world map to treasure map
    We can create a map of any region or country.
  • Natural materials
    Birch veneer is highly durable, has low density and beautiful texture, which makes it ideal material for our maps.
  • High-quality coating
    Thanks to the high-quality oil stain, birch plywood takes on the appearance of a chic tree, the structure is emphasized, and the map gets a unique look.
  • Eco-friendly and safe
    We use hypoallergenic paints and wood stain that are suitable for painting children's furniture and have no smell.
  • Solid construction
    A single-level map is assembled like a puzzle and glued onto a wall with liquid nails. A multilevel map or any map with the backing must be fixed on remote holders. You can easily take it off and reattach to another place.
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How to order?

  • How to order?
    You can make an order using our website in the online shop, or call us:
    +7(926) 845-22-58, or write to us:
  • How to make a payment
    Cash or credit card
    You can make a payment by cash or a credit card - to the courier or at the pick-up location of the transport company (DHL, EMS)

    Non – cash payment
    You can make a card payment through the bank; send us your details and we will send you an invoice.
  • Delivery
    We produce maps in the city of Tyumen, Russia. We send maps anywhere in the world. Delivery is carried out by the transport company DHL, EMS.
  • Delivery cost
    We deliver all over Tyumen city for free. As well as, you can come to our workshop and check out your future map. Delivery in Russia is calculated individually, depending on the region, size and weight of the shipment. You can calculate the shipping cost by clicking on the DHL, EMS company logo.

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